Elinor Brass is an artist, teacher, Head of Art at a school in South East London and Director of a gallery of modern and contemporary art.  Working with photography, drawing, collage, print-making, sculpture and installation, she plays with the juxtaposition of objects and textures to create painterly responses to environments. The absence of people as well as the contrived and found positioning of objects in her images emphasise implied activities and narratives.

She often works in collaboration with Emily Orley. In their work together, they begin their projects with the idea that ‘places remember events’ (words that James Joyce scribbled in the margin of his notes for Ulysses) to investigate and document the history of sites in and around London. By thoroughly researching the buildings that they decide to use and their surrounding areas, and then working with carefully composed installations and photography, they bring these places to life by tapping into the memory contained within their very fabric.

Elinor has established two successful national sketchbook circles, where artists are working using a book to collaborate with others exchanging ideas monthly. One circle has been set up in association with the NSEAD to support art teachers to continue to their own artistic practice.

Elinor teaches art at Eltham College, is Director of Gerald Moore Gallery and has degrees from Wimbledon School of Art and Birmingham University.